Nominations for Most Amazing in the Rock 2013

We are starting something a little different this year. There are hundreds of “Best of” list here in Little Rock. We don’t care about the best, we want the most amazing. Seriously, this is prestigious, none of those insane “best bakery located on Cantrell next to a pet store that sells cupcakes” nonsense that the other guys give you. This is a real contest (unlike most of our other stuff) and we will really honor your nominations.

There are 6 categories and we want to find the absolute most amazing of food (… to commit gluttony) , drinks (…to drown your sorrows), treats (… drug dealer), business (…money maker), school (…to get smart) and to play (…to dress up and get down). 

Nominations are open from now until the end of May. We will tally the nominations and in the case that it is too close to call we will throw it back to you to vote.

Rules: You must enter your email, you can nominate yourself, and you can only nominate once. Multiple entries will be ignored and you will be hunted down by our army of rabid squirrels.

Nominations closed 


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Nominations for Most Amazing in the Rock 2013