Razorback Preview – 4 Ways the Hogs Can Beat A&M Tomorrow

Arkansas has a big game coming up this week at Jerry World against old SWC rival Texas A&M. For the first time in 3 seasons Arkansas has momentum and a winning spirit. According to footballbettingcenter.com the spread (potential point difference) going into the game is only 9.5 points in A&M’s favor, which is one of the closest spreads against an SEC team in the Bielema era.

A lot of sports media outlets are going to give you the “keys to victory” for the hogs which are going to include “run the ball” and “run the ball some more”.

Roll Out Bielema’s New Lucky Outfit

Look, the “Lucky Wind Breaker” was a complete failure. How Bret did not burn that thing after last season is beyond me. The magic rubbed off somewhere during the drive from Madison. You know what outfit he has not lost in? Shirtless. Seriously, if Coach B can manage to convince his wife to marry him after seeing him like this, dude is a pure winner without his shirt.

Play Wide Receivers in Pass Defense

Both A&M and Arkansas can move the football, in fact the two schools top the SEC in points per game. On the surface it appears that A&M has the edge defensively, giving up only 11.8 points per game, but the only difficult game they have played was against struggling South Carolina. Consider this, A&M allowed Rice to put up 240 rushing yards, what do you think they will do against a decent running team like Arkansas. It is no surprise the over/under on this game is 70 points and growing.

The Arkansas pass defense is horrible, and facing what should be the best passing offense in the country is not in our favor.  We can’t tackle, we can’t jam, and only Tevin Mitchell can swat a ball. So what about throwing wide receivers back and try catching the ball instead of defending it. True we will give up a ton of yards, we will anyway, but we would give our wide receivers a better chance to catch a ball on defense than offense.

Swap Male/Female Razorback Cheerleader Uniforms

A&M clearly has a thing for male cheerleaders, sorry, “Yell Leaders”. It is kind of weird actually. A lot of teams try to distract them by prancing their barely clothed female cheerleaders around the field. It has absolutely no impact, and it is very clear that A&M is just not that interested. Instead Arkansas should play to A&M’s preference and swap our cheerleader’s uniforms. The female cheerleaders will be much more moderately dressed while the males will bare almost all. Do this and the players will start dropping the ball.

A Little Help From Our Old Friend Jerry

Finally, we could use a little help from our old pal and alumni Jerry Jones. Maybe A&M’s headsets stop working like they did in the South Carolina game. Maybe their offense coordinator becomes stuck in the press box elevator, not that anyone would ever do that to win a game. The possibilities are limitless with the help of Jerry.

If Arkansas is able to carry out these four strategies to win the game our official Rock City Times final score prediction is 63-28, Razorbacks win in a blow out. Go ahead and make your bets now.


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Razorback Preview – 4 Ways the Hogs Can Beat A&M Tomorrow