Little Rock Man Hides in Storm Shelter for 2 Years from Fear of Wednesday Tornados


Authorities have discovered a local man who has lived for the past 2 years inside his storm shelter.

Little Rock Code enforcement responded yesterday to over 143 complaints over the past 2 years to a Leawood home with grass in excess of 36 inches. When issuing the citation they found home owner Ken Jackson living inside his back yard storm shelter.

“I moved here in 2011 from California and was terrified that Tornadoes seem to come through almost every single Wednesday at noon,” Jackson tells us. “I immediately had my backyard pool removed and contracted with Wellsmade to build a custom storm shelter.

Jackson’s original fear came after a tree fell on a neighbor’s house as the result of a tornado just weeks after moving into his house. He tells us that his fear became greater after the neighbor’s wife was placed in an insane asylum after going through the remodel process.

According to neighbors Jackson occasionally emerges on Thursdays to check the mail and make a quick run to the grocery store, then immediately returns to his shelter.

“He called us on the phone one day completely frantic,” Wellsmade owner Aaron Wells tells us. “He asked if we could build a shelter that someone could actually live in. I never thought he would actually stay in it for that long.”

Anderson gave us a quick tour of his custom bunker which contained a full kitchen, restroom, along with electricity and wifi. Anderson says he works remote for a company as a programmer, so being in a deep dark hole feels very natural for him.

The Little Rock code enforcement office tells us that they have issued a citation for the high grass. They will give him another 2 years to have the grass cut and if he fails to comply they will issue another citation.


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Little Rock Man Hides in Storm Shelter for 2 Years from Fear of Wednesday Tornados