Senate Candidate Tom Cotton Proposes Plan to Privatize the US Congress

EL DORADO, Ark. Senate candidate Tom Cotton today announced his plans to push for privatization of the United States Congress if elected today at a campaign stop in El Dorado.

The plans came in response to questions about recent comments from Cotton about privatizing various government programs such as social security and federal disaster aid. Cotton said he believes all government functions should be privatized, not just programs.

“I believe that privatization of the government is needed. Sure privatizing programs like social security are important, but we need to start with privatizing leadership,” Cotton said. “If elected senator, I want to make this the last congressional class elected and paid by the people.”

Under Cotton’s plan the Senate and House would combine into one legislative body beginning in 2016. The top 10 US-based private companies would then select 10 representatives each to serve as the legislative body of the United States. All expenses relating to the new congress would come from the representative corporations.

Cotton added that corporations would represent policy areas of government related to their organization. Walmart would, for example, head areas of global trade where Yum Brands (parent company to Taco Bell) would handle food quality related issues.

In instances where none of the top 10 corporations have expertise in a policy areas, representatives of the next largest employer with expertise in the field would serve as committee leaders on policies relating to the area. Cotton says under this example Exxon Mobil would assist with policy decisions relating to oil production and environmental cleanup.

“Voters do not know what is best for them, I have proven that as an US congressman. I went against my district’s opinion on almost every vote I made, and they are better for it,” Cotton stated.”You want to know who is best at making decisions? Corporations. That is how they stay in business. The top 10 companies represent over 4.7 million employees, that is a good enough sample size. What could go wrong with allowing corporations to run the country?”

Cotton says he has already secured a contract with Walmart to represent the company in congress in 2016.


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Senate Candidate Tom Cotton Proposes Plan to Privatize the US Congress