CeeLo Green Responds to Riverfest Concert Issues

LITTLE ROCK – Soul/R&B Musician CeeLo Green broke silence today after complaints of shortening his concert at the Arkansas Riverfest Music Festival, saying he simply didn’t have enough quality material to fill the required 75 minute contract.

Riverfest organizers issued a stop payment on CeeLo’s (whose real name is Thomas Callaway) final $50,000 payment for the concert after the artist appeared on stage 30 minutes late, and then only sang for 45 minutes of the required 75 minute contract. CeeLo responded this morning to a Rock City Times interview about the shortage, saying he did not have enough quality songs.

“I started making the set list and realized that there was no way I could come up with enough music for 75 minutes,” Ceelo tells us. “There are only so many times I can repeat the chorus of ‘Fuck You’ before people start leaving, and that number is usually 1. After that I have Crazy, and then what? My Christmas Albums? I had to throw in Hank William’s ‘Family Tradition’ to make it to 45 minutes, they should be happy about that.”

CeeLo has repeatedly been criticized for poor concert performances. He frequently shows up late to the stage and performing an average of five songs, including many that are poor versions of famous songs. Sources tell us CeeLo was busy eating lobster tails and mac & cheese in his dressing room before the concert, resulting in the late arrival.

CeeLo says he has no plans to challenge the payment, claiming he should have not been placed in a headliner role for the music festival.

“I was a little shocked when they (Riverfest officials) asked me to headline the main night in the first place,” CeeLo tells us. “It only takes a 5 second Google search to tell that my concerts are usually awful. Hell they were even going to fire me from the Voice and I didn’t have to even sing there. If I planned a music festival I wouldn’t hire myself. But I still got $50k out of it, which is enough to buy a few new bird costumes.”

Riverfest officials say they are close to reaching a deal that would require CeeLo to return to the area and participate in midget wrestling before an Arkansas Travelers Baseball game in exchange for partial payment of his remaining contract.



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CeeLo Green Responds to Riverfest Concert Issues