Joel DiPippa Announces Plans to Run for Attorney General Under New Political Party


Today Joel DiPippa announced his candidacy for state Attorney General under a new state political party to be called the Burger Party.

DiPippa’s candidacy has been widely speculated, a few weeks ago we covered the growing movement to encourage him to run for the state’s highest legal office. In an interesting twist to the announcement DiPippa announced that he would not run as a Democratic party candidate, but rather form a new political party to be named the Burger Party.

“Arkansas needs a candidate that can transcend party lines to accomplish goals for the betterment of all Arkansans,” DiPippa says. “Burgers are inherently non-partisan, and that is what we wanted to model the new party after. Many times in politics I’ve been able to bring opposing parties together to share a burger and resolve differences. We are the party of the people, by the people, and with a side of hand cut fries.”

DiPippa joins two other announced candidates in the 2014 Attorney General’s race. Earlier in the year David Sterling entered the race, followed last week by Leslie Rutledge, both as Republican candidates. In a recent Rock City Times statewide poll DiPippa led all candidates in the race with 64% of the vote. Many potential candidates we have spoken to say with DiPippa’s entry into the race they now have no plans to run for the position.

Campaign officials tell us that DiPippa plans to get an early start on the campaign for attorney general, holding a series of town hall meetings and fund raising events at Arkansas burger joints. The first event will be later this month at the new Big Orange Midtown, and then continuing around the state.

The newly formed Burger Party has received a large amount of early support, despite only having one active candidate. Many moderate candidates from both primary parties have expressed interest in switching party affiliation.

Several anonymous sources are citing a major candidate for Secretary of State will announce soon under the party affiliation.  “Once the truth that Mark Martin is not, in fact, a famous race car driver is exposed the race will be wide open for a Burger Party member,” the source tells us.

When word leaked last night that Joel would make an announcement a large gathering appeared outside his Stiff Station home chanting “Fedora the People!”. Many are already discussing DiPippa as a possible candidate for Governor in 2018.

Members of the original draft DiPippa movement will hold a victory party later this month at the North Little Rock Olive Garden. Joel DiPippa and several members of his family are rumored to be in attendance. The restaurant says they are planning a special Tour of Italy menu item that will include a new dish from Florence.


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Joel DiPippa Announces Plans to Run for Attorney General Under New Political Party