Obama Explores National Vote of No Confidence That Would Remove All Current US Representatives


The White House today announced that they are exploring the possibility of holding a national vote of no confidence against the US House of Representatives.

The announcement comes after the House failed again for the 15th consecutive day to even vote on a bill, which is their primary job responsibility. They did however manage to use all the clean towels in the congressional gym.

A vote of no confidence, common in parliamentary systems, is a motion to declare that the elected members of a legislative body are no longer able to carry out the obligations delegated to their positions.  The vote would result in an immediate resignation of all members of the legislative body and new elections would be held.

In a parliamentary system a motion of no confidence is made by the prime minister, who is voted by and oversees the legislative body. However, with separation of powers in the United State’s democratic system, no branch of government is fully responsible to another.

“We have reached a point with the current Representatives where it is clear they lack the ability to do the most basic components of their job,” White House Spokesperson Jay Carney says. “Unfortunately we as the executive office can’t fire them. However, we have spent the last 16 days of the shutdown researching and we can not find anything that says the registered voters of this nation can not collectively vote them out.”

The current approval ratings for the House of Representatives have dropped to 5%. The low approval rankings have led many political scholars to believe that a national vote of no confidence would pass by an overwhelming number.

The Obama administration is looking to quickly move toward a national vote with a target date of October 29th for the vote to take place. New candidates would have one week until November 5th to declare for the special election. The Supreme Court has indicated that they would uphold a national vote of no confidence as constitutional if passed.

The election of new representatives would be held on December 17th and newly elected members would be immediately sown in as election results are verified. Current members of congress would have until that date to vacate their offices and turn over responsibility.

Initial polling data gathered at local shopping malls across the US show that the majority of Americans support this national vote, and list a new congressman as the #1 item on their Christmas list.



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Obama Explores National Vote of No Confidence That Would Remove All Current US Representatives