Davy Carter to Run for Governor, just not Today

Mike Beebe, Davy Carter
Carter, next up for Arkansas Governor?

Davy Carter today announced his intentions to run for Governor of Arkansas at a later date, once people start begging him to do so. Carter, who is the current speaker of the Arkansas House, will face off against Asa Hutchinson in the Republican Primary once he caves to pressure to do so.

Many believe Carter to be an immediate front runner in the Republican Primary against Asa Hutchinson, who has failed to win any election outside of when people mistook him for his brother Tim in the US 3rd district race. Carter though wants people to really show overwhelming demand first before he formally announces.

“I know people can’t stand Asa!, hell I can’t stand him either,” Carter tells us. “So today I am announcing that I am not running for Governor… Yet. I saw how well the Draft Joel DiPippa for Attorney General campaign is going, and I think we can pull something like that off in the Governor’s race. “

Carter has been widely recognized for the excellent job as Speaker of the House in the 89th legislative session. He has been named to our very own Arkansas Legislative Who’s Who list as well as a number of others as a top lawmaker.

Following the legislative session we spoke with Carter who shared his feelings of loneliness following the end of a session. That led many people to speculate that Carter would seek a year around position such as  Governor. After Carter went to speak with Talk Business and would not confirm or deny his intentions to run, only that he is considering it.

“I want to take my work for the citizens of Arkansas to the next level,” Carter tells us. “We did great things this legislative session, but why should my time with the people of Arkansas be limited to a session. I think that is the premise behind what made me think about running. Then I looked back on the session and realized Governor Beebe vetoed bills, many of which I voted for, and it is just not fair. I want to be able to veto things. That is when I realized that I really want to run for Governor, but just not yet.”

Carter would enter the race as the least conservative candidate in the field, and should enjoy mass appeal due to his more moderate stance. Asa Hutchinson as a Republican US Representative was often listed as one of the most extreme House conservatives during his time in office. Mike Ross, while running as a Demlican, is considerably more conservative than Carter. No one has actually heard from Bill Halter, leading many to believe that he forgot he was running.

Carter is expected to campaign on a broad platform once he begins, geared more for a general election as opposed to a primary. Carter tells us that as long as Hutchinson keeps running awkward campaign commercials of his family in a chair he feels his chances are good once he gives in to the pressure.


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Davy Carter to Run for Governor, just not Today